Internet connectivity error. Verify connectivity before retrying installation

I’ve tried everything, but after upgrading to 7.0, I can’t seem to load the models (shows error loading model in program window).

Removed previous program, searched for all mentions of Topaz on my C drive and removed those. Restarted computer. Completely fresh install with fully updated windows 11. Nvidia 4070 ti graphics card fully updated. No VPN running. Firewall and antivirus disabled. (2.6 KB)

Users have had success switching to a hotspot as a quick solution for this issue. Are you installing from the in-app updater or from a link for the .msi file?

I’m updating from the .msi file.

By hotspot, do you mean to route my internet connection through my phone for example? I only have internet through starlink where I’m located. Not sure if that would present an issue. I’m hardwire connected as it is.

I was able to download all the models. I had to run the msi about 40 times in the repair mode, but each time it ran, it usually was able to download at least one of the model files before crashing. Rinse and repeat and it got done. Not sure what the issue is, but if you’re stuck and have a couple of hours on your hands, this will work.

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