Interlaced Progressive - No Option to Recover Details

When using Interlaced Progressive, “Recover Details” is set to 20% by default, but there is no slider to adjust it. Users must go to Progressive or Interlaced, change the slider there, then go back to Interlaced Progressive in order to adjust the “Recover Details” parameter. This bug has been present for a very long time. The abundance of little quirks of this sort cause me to wonder if the Topaz team seriously uses this application at all.

I think the lack of a Recover Detail slider for Interlaced Progressive means there is none, i.e., the “default” is zero. And if I’m right about that, switching to Progressive or Interlaced, setting the slider and then switching back to Interlaced Progressive will just ignore whatever you put into the slider. Because superimposing the original over the processed video would just “reinterlace” it.