Interlace stripes in an upscaled progressive Video?


I have been running Artemis with progressive option selected on a 1080p source video which is also progressive to bring it into 4K. While I have no interlace stripes on any single frame in the source video, a lot of frames in the upscaled 4K have these stripes, making it quite bumpy and uncomfortable to watch.

Any ideas what I might have done wrong with the settings?

This happens mostly when objects are moving, no issues with unmoving parts. Unfortunately I cannot attach any screenshots here.

Kind Regards!

IF the original really was progressive, there should be no introduction of any interlace artefacts. So its unclear what is going on here. To track down the source of the issue, could you upload a sample of the original file, maybe state the version you are using, or provide a logfile or a snipplett of the output? Then we could take a look and maybe get to the ground of this together…