Interesting views on the future of Photography

The death of the Consumer Camera

May have some implications for the direction Topaz has takn.


This is from Sep 2016

… or to paraphrase Mark Twain… “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”


Yes I know - but it is still very interesting. Just because it is not new I don’t think males it any les relevant.

Hey thanks for posting this, I passed this video on to the team,

My pleasure

I know what you mean. Bought the Nikon D7000 4 years ago and until recently learned it has a defect with the auto focus and they did not do a recall. It had such a swarm of eager buyers. Nothing was mentioned about this fault until you start to wonder why it doesn’t snap when you are desperately trying to catch a moment; finally google the issue and wa-la! You are stuck with it. Makes me wonder about how to buy and why! Thanks for the video.