Intel Xeon | Crash

Hello Support,
Currently Photo AI crashes before any images are processed. To correct this, I’ve tried turning on/off many settings in preferences, re-installing, updating, etc. I’ve been in touch several times with support to fix the issue. There must be some setting on my system that is causing this.

Other potentially import details: Initially, about a year ago, I was trying to move the license from one PC to this one, and copied the models so they wouldn’t have to download again. I believe this may be causing the issue. I’ve removed copies and re-installed, no change.

2024-06-09-14-04-0.tzlog (19.8 KB)

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Copy the models from another download
  2. Install Photo AI
  3. Once it starts crashing during processing
  4. Debug

Topaz Photo AI [v3.0.3] on Windows

We’ve had some users report similar problems while using their Intel Xeon machines.

Please install Photo AI v3.0.3Alpha using This Link to download it. It will install alongside your current installation so that you can test it separately.

Let me know if the crashing persists or if you have any questions.