Intel GPU encode AV1 10bit MIA

Hello again,

At some time between the original post (requesting AV1 support) and today, Christmas came and we were able to encode AV1’s 10bit profile, huzzah!

This feature works well on a machine running tasks with an i7-14700KF and 4090.
Since then I also built a machine dedicated to these types of tasks, using Intel GPUs instead (I really should had tried this more before buying 2 of them, they’re kind of a headache with this kind of stuff, but i’ll probably make a different post regarding that )
however, 10bit isn’t an available profile for AV1 with an ARC 750 (but is for the 4090).

Perhaps its a bug, or perhaps it’s not a feature available on Intel cards? (It’s possible in handbrake).

DxDiag_XC_2024_06_26.txt (124.6 KB)

2024-06-26-13-16-38-Main.tzlog (123.0 KB)

Screenshot, with the profile section missing. It is also missing from the preferences menu.

Thanks for taking a peek at this.

Thereare known issues with Intel GPU 10-bit profiles. Wait till Intell will resolve it. Current state - nor oficial, nor community drivers not able to resolve it (check Github for examples). It seems issue is only driver-related.

Thanks for the info.

An update for the gpu came out a day or so ago, I made sure to update and check again before posting. Guess we’ll keep checking future updates.

Just a note, there doesn’t seem to be any issue with encoding using handbrake’s QSV 10bit.

Edit: meant to post this in a different thread. I had posted a url with known issues in arc drivers, but known issues detailed did not include 10bit av1 profiles (or any mention of encoding, but did mention video enhancement bugs in Topaz)