Intel ARC Performance Drop on Video Enhance AI 2.6.4

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As of Intel ARC drivers past 4125, VEAI 2.6.4 and the Intel ARC optimizations are no longer working. Regardless of selection, rendering falls back to the CPU and doesn’t appear to utilize the GPU whatsoever.

If I apply the openvino patches noted in Very slow performance on Topaz Photo AI and Video Enhance AI on Windows with Intel GPU - #19 by XBrav, VEAI 2.6.4 will close without error when attempting to preview or run any model. 2.6.4 appears to use openvino 2022.1.0.0 and I’m trying to use it with 2022.3.0.9052.

Topaz Video Enhance (4.3 MB)

2023-04-04-06-33-46-Main.tzlog (86.0 KB)
2023-04-04-06-33-46-Qml.tzlog (8.8 KB)

It looks like it’s closing due to C0000419 FAST_FAIL_INVALID_ARG, but I can’t diagnose much further past this.

Initial Discovery:

For those of you with older VEAI versions, it seems to be fixed by only updating the following files:

  1. openvino.dll
  2. openvino_c.dll
  3. openvino_intel_gpu_plugin.dll

You can leave the other openvino files as-is. This increased my Proteus rate from 0.96/s to 0.15/s on the A770 on driver 4255.

Further Discoveries:

There is an incompatibility with the calls to openvino_ir_frontend.dll in the latest openvino release and VEAI 2.6.4 that causes the crash. If you copy all the files EXCEPT the ir_frontend DLL, the optimizations will return.

Is there a way we can get a patch for 2.6.4 to use the current openvino runtimes for continuing support of the ARC GPUs?

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