Intel Arc A770 crashes in Gigapixel AI

I have tried it with Gigapixel 6.2.2 and 6.3. Later Arc A770 drivers.
Load a photo in Gigapixel. Art & CG is selected by default. The processing bar goes up to about 40% and Gigapixel disappears–as if it was never launched.

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Me too

I don’t believe the Intel ARC series are supported. You will need to raise a support request at the main website support page.

I found that if I disable the REBAR parameter from the BIOS, Gigapixel AI no longer crashes with the Intel Arc A770 GPU

That’s weird. Why would they not support ARC GPU?
My ARC 770 came with SW bundle that includes Gigapixel AI, and Gigapixel AI keeps crashing unless I change the setting to not use the ARC GPU.

And, that’s just ridiculous. Intel list REBAR as requirement. Look at all the reviews, if you turn off REBAR, gaming performance tanks.

My apologies, you’re right as it has been supported since v6.2.2

I’m on the go to buy an A770, so would like to ear some news from Topaz Labs support team about when this hazardous issue will be fixed and available to us (by us I mean your customers… .

What issue, as it’s a Intel issue with the resizable bar … but instead of shooting off here pop over to Intel and see if there is a fix.

Or as business owner your company could follow up with Intel to tackle the issue.
At the end of the day, it is your customer and product that suffers the most, not Intel gamers community. Your company has a strong interrest in helping us. Don’t forget that we yearly pay a fee to expect working products wit up to date features. So what alternative from your competitor do you recommend to me as you dpn’t care about this case ?

This is a user to user forum, you don’t pay a fee for me. As a rude and obnoxious person read the thread before commenting.

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