Installing Studio into Lightroom Classic CC

I have had running successfully for over a year B&W Effects on my MacBook Pro now running within Lightroom Classic CC.Recently I decided that I would like to take the month trial of Texture Effects,I see now that it does’nt run within Topaz Fusion Express but through the free programme Studio.I duly downloaded the file,seeing that it was over 900 meg I realised that all the other programmes where included at that time.I then installed Studio which took some time to configure itself but I cannot see the option within Lightroom to open it up.I tried going through the Preferences panel without success and don’t know where to proceed next?
Any help would be gratefully received,cheers.

See if any information here helps:

Thank you for that link with the guide to setting it up in Lightroom Classic CC, got it all up and running now, cheers.

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