Installation Time

New to Topaz AI. Does it normally take an exorbitant amount of time to install the software? I’m going on 4 hours in the download and installation process.

Thanks for any support.

There is no product named “Topaz AI”. Please be more specific. :eyes:

On my system the TPAI model folder is about 15GB in size. So a fresh install will need to download all the models, and that can take a while depending on your internet speed and how fast Topaz servers are willing to go.

If your at 4 hours, that’s less than 10Mbit/s.

Thanks for the input Alan. When I want to edit an image with TPAI, does it always have to download models?
Download Models

That normally means some models didn’t download fully during the install, so it tries to download the rest when the program is used.

If it keeps happening, then that might mean the download is constantly failing. Wi-fi can be a source of problems with the model downloads. Wired connections to the router work best.