Installation on a new computer

a year ago I bought both Denoise6 and Remask5.

I bought a new computer on which I wish to install these 2 products.
But I do not find any links for download in my account and I do not have anymore the license keys.

Is there any possibility to get back all these information.

Thank you very much in advance for all help.

Have you logged into your account at all?

Yes I did.

Have you always used the same email for your account?

Yes Jack, I did not use another E-Mail Account.
I am actually logged in, at the page: Accounts-> Downloads.
But I do not find any link, nor license keys.

… and I get upgrade proposal for Denoise AI at that E-Mail account

Just go to the Topaz labs website and from the downloads menu choose legacy. Note you will need your serial numbers to install those two products.