Indian Motorcycle

A man walks out of a bar with a new camera in his hand. He wants to show to his good friend. Amazingly, there is a brand spanking new Indian Motorcycle parked by the door. And we are both like “Oh wow brah, check it out! Awesome dude!”

What’s one to do? So I pull out my newly purchased Canon G7X Mark II and take a few pics. This is exactly why I decided to add a small pocket sized to my quiver of gear. I wanted something I could carry in my pocket. How many time have I missed a great photo opportunity because I didn’t have a camera with me.

I think someone famous replied to the question of “What’s the best camera?” by answering, “the one you have with you.”

If you look closely you can see my reflection along the left edge and in the lower right hand corner.


Love it. Outstanding.

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Being an old biker can appreciate the fine work in this image. Was over-joyed at the resurgence of the Indian.

Nice detail and color.