Incorrect Dimensions Causes Skewed Output

When upsizing (2x) to h.265 mp4 a batch of 10 to 30 videos, many will be erroneously converted from landscape to portrait or from portrait to landscape, despite my verifying the output dimensions are correct for the input and desired output before exporting.

This happens frequently. Tonight I processed 20 videos, mp4, average of 2 minutes each. 8 videos were skewed, 12 correct.

Upon closing all inputs and re-adding the sources for the 8, all but 1 rendered in the correct dimensions.

Doing the final video singularly resulted in a correct output.

In every case, the settings were correct before initiating the export.

Two nights ago I did a batch of 16. 10 processed correctly. When I reprocessed the faulty 6, all processed correctly.

Windows 10, i7-10700k, 128GB ram, NVidia GeForce RTX 3080

Same problem.
Windows 11, Nvidia RTX4090

Hello, Our team is currently working on patching some known bugs related to batch processing images with different crop dimensions. We hope to have more news soon!

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