Incorrect and misleading statement in online user guide

In the online user guide, preferences page:

The section headed “Memory Usage” contains the following:

Specify the amount of system memory to allocate.
The more memory allocated, the better the performance will be

The highlighted statement above is demonstrably incorrect and misleading for Apple Silicon users who are upscaling SD sources. In fact, maximum performance will be at minimum memory allocation in this specific instance. The exception should be made clear so that this subset of users are not wasting their time by using the default memory setting of 90%. Your own benchmark facility shows up to 70% performance increase at 10% memory when 2x upscaling SD sources on Apple Silicon.



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1- this information is correct - it’s just out of date
2- Topaz Video and all filters/codecs/drivers have changed

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We’ve updated our documentation to better convey that video memory requirements will vary depending on the resolution of the video being processed and the selected filters. Thanks for your feedback!

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