Inconsistent Installation Direction

Confusion reigns supreme. It appears that the installation apps are not consistent as to where programs are directed. The only input change from my end is changing directories from C: to D: The installation app has created two Program directories for Topaz: Topaz Labs and Topaz Labs LLC, a new release might show up in either of them or both. Where new releases have not removed earlier versions, the older versions lay taking up space and other than dates installed, there is little to identify which is safe to manually uninstall. InkedTopaz%20Labs%20LLC_LI Topaz%20Labs

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The “Topaz Labs LLC” folder contains the newer apps which have a different installer framework and don’t uninstall the older versions left in the “Topaz Labs” folder. Only Adjust, JPEG to Raw, Mask and Studio 1 are left under the old framework.

You should have uninstallers for the redundant apps listed in the start menu under “Topaz Labs”. It isn’t that complicated.

Thank you. I’ve been able to clean out most of the duplications in the directories. I was afraid that the uninstalls would hit the current ones too and with the recent dates of those that are supposed to remain in the Topaz Labs folder I over thought the problem.

I’m with Eleanore on this one. It appears her problem may be on Windows but installation of various versions of Topaz Labs products has created a mess on the Mac side, too. And it is complicated. The complication magnified by 1) the failure to apply a standard for installation location (and GUI, too), 2) the failure to include an option to uninstall old versions (some other programs offer this option) when installing new versions or updates, and 3) what seems like a constant flow of updates to some of the new AI apps, some of which cannot be updated from within the app.