Inappropriate message

I just got a very disgusting inappropriate image/message supposedly from someone in this forum. See clip:

I KNOW it is not from joe.fedric. But could someone PLEASE stop this guy from sending this stuff?


Unfortunately I have asked for the security to be tightened up but no action as yet.

I did delete that user and all their posts about 30 minutes ago. My apologies that you were a victim of this.

There was also another user who posted earlier on who has also been deleted and blocked.

My browser, Safari, has the notice “Not Secure” in the address field at the top of the page. Other sites I visit all exhibit a closed padlock symbol indicating a secure site. Topaz ought to be getting on to their forum provider.

That won’t make difference as it is only relevant for transactional websites, i.e. those that accept payment for goods, services or products. Because it is only a information site there is no personal information kept.

My understanding is that a site displaying “Not Secure” is HTTP (unencrypted) and a site with a padlock is HTTPS (encrypted) and may be used whether or not personal data is stored. So my question would be if this forum were HTTPS encrypted would it not make it more difficult for anyone to hack into here and steal the addresses that are being used to send these unwanted images?

No, they need to hack the Topaz Labs site because that is where the information is stored. In fact they are just replacing the reply-to address but they do have access to the site and that means they can send emails using the @ symbol and they have access to the JoeFederic uid.

Happened to me before Christmas - was assured they were on the case and were trying to block him/her

I wonder who “they” is … mostly falls on my watch and I have been stopping lots of UIDs from posting images or links but many slip through.

It is an issue with their “customer” registration on the Topaz Labs site as it flows through to here … qq(.)com is a favourite registration site for hackers/spammers as it is a difficult to trace site registered in China.

“they” = Topaz team (PM)
Might not even be in China ---- could be routed via anywhere