Inability to optimize for lens blur or motion blur is bad

Just dowloaded v 1.3.0 of photo AI. I don’t like it! I find that having the options to optimize for motion or lens blur frequently provides a better result. I ended up going back to my Sharpen AI to optimize for motion on a photo this morning which was unrecoverable using the latest version of Photo AI.


I must agree… this new version needs to have lens blur functionality returned. My results are much grainer with this new sharpen technique. How do I go back to the last version

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Very dissapointed. I purchased PAI yesterday after playing with the free demo. On purchase I updated then noticed no option for camera blur/motion? how do I lose these useful tools once I pay my cash. I was getting better results in demo mode. Please bring back sliders.

Update to the latest version.

Hi thanks, AIdon, I have latest version AI 1.3.1 but the sliders are no longer present just a single blur slider. I along with others liked the individual sliders for motion blur and lens blur these seem to have dissapeared. It would be good to see them return.

Just go to Preferences and you can turn the Legacy Models (motion & lens blur) on and you will get this in the Sharpen panel where you choose the model and the strength to apply …

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Well that was very easy, much appreciated AiDon.



BRING BACK THE FEATURE! It was one of your strengths. Updated to the latest version and now I am finding it harder to edit my images without LENS and MOTION blur. Topaz, if you really care what your users are saying, bring it back soon. Right now, I am thinking about ending my subscription to your service since the program is now not as usable in my workflow!

Did you read the posts above outlining how to access the models for lens blur and motion blur before posting this? … If not read the whole thread which will inform you how to access those legacy models.

See AiDon’s response above. You can turn it back on it settings now.