In The Beginning, a Strange Mural

This mural was created from two, modified, old photographs, of mine “The Calling” and “Plumber’s Sunrise”. Topaz Adjust, Impressions, Remask, Glow, B&W Effects.

Corel PhotoPaint (Host application). To The Calling I added the Hat, Rapid Omega, ContribPhotog Idol, and Mysterious Trees; then, softened them with Glow’s Dizzy. The candle flame was added, and a golden glow overlay blended in the area lit by the candle. My sculpted “Day Guardian” was added, and multiple glow overlays bended for the sword’s light. The clock face enhanced with Glow’s Mysterious, the shirt with Ion. Face, hands, and rocker WFC Type 03 Oil Painting.

Corel Photo Paint (host application). Plumber’s Sunrise edited with Topaz Adjust (Pop and Saturate), Topaz Simplify (Colored Pencil Hard on Black) edging and (pastel) to soften steam. Topaz Impressions (WFC Type 03 Oil Painting, Jim LaSala) to roughen faucet, steam, moisture, etc., and (Georgia O’Keeffe) to darken soften and smooth. Added Bowser to background and Rapid Omega (toned with B&W Effects Sepia and Gold). Impressions to roughen steam and camera. Finally, Topaz Adjust for a final (Heavy Pop Grunge) brushed in selectively around the Rapid Omega and where needed.

The two photos were combined and given a final pop in Adjust.