Improving videos using sharpen AI?

Hello everyone. sorry, could not find a better title. I am working on a short closeup video of some bees flying around. I am trying everything to improve the footage. I noticed proteus of video enhance AI works really well for me. but are there more? for example, I tried enhancing one frame of the result (from video enhance AI) with sharpen AI and it seems working even better than the sharpen option inside video enhance AI. should not we just export all the image sequences and put it to work on Sharpen AI or denoise AI? I would like to know your ideas and opinions about all these.


You are absolutely right but Topaz has not included Kodak’s DPX format as a digital intermediate to improve.
It is a royalty free format that works with 4.2.2 color 10-bit encoding.
Adobe - Resolve- Mac -Sony prepare is implemented from the source in its 2022 versions.
It is my preferred format since it allows plane and frame corrections without having to render the entire sequence.
It allows the use of programs like PS, in corrections of errors not yet resolved by Topaz.
Pass your unresolved sequence to this format and in 10 generations do not open any losses and therefore you can try different medicines…
The loss of quality in the pixels through several generations is the fundamental problem of image restoration.
Kodak created this intermediate format for telecines

Malta, you seem to understand formats good :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you by any chance know why huffyuv looks bad, when included in the mix, It should be lossless, right?

I did a minimal saturation boost in shot cut, exported a huffyuv mkv and compared to the original, both after Topaz. Proteus lost in almost 60% details when processing the file with the lossless pre job.

Artndfun hello.
Test transfer 10 seconds original to DPX 10 bits or TIFF
You test it in V.264 with multiple settings proteus… trial error
Being independent frames you can improve them with the AI Topaz, denoise, giga, Sharpen… as a sequence of images…
With the proposal I try and I hope that you get the 10th generation to have the same quality as the 01 + benefits of AI Topaz.
If you don’t get it, send me 10 seconds in an original format and I’ll analyze it.
In AI, applying the right medicine is not easy if you have not lived for many hours between pixels…
I worked 40 years as a professional film and video editor.
French or Spanish better than Spanglis in our communication.

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