Improving PhotoAI

Bring back the viewing capabilities that are present in Sharpen AI and Denoise AI, especially the Split View and comparison. I wish I had a way to compare side-by-side the various sharpening and denoise models in PAI like I did in those other tools. As it is I can only apply one model at a time, and I have no means to compare.

Add in Rotation to the Crop Tool.

It would be better to split Actions so we could see what each was doing in turn, working our way down the menu eg Crop, Upscale, Remove noise, Sharpen, etc.

Sort out the Adjust Lighting to be slider to be able to go darker or lighter and a contrast adjustment.

Sort out the Balance Colour to be more adjustable.

Thanks for all these great ideas and suggestions!

Make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea :slight_smile: