Improved communication of known issues/limitations

I feel like there needs to be better communication of the known issues with TVAI.

For example, ever since roughly TVAI 3.1.10, Intel Arc GPUs are unable reliably process videos in TVAI. And people who I presume are TVAI employees frequently tell people to roll back to 3.1.9 to avoid issues. This is a MAJOR issue, it seems Topaz Labs knows about it, yet it is not listed as an issue on the release notes of any version of TVAI from 3.1.10 to 3.4.2. This kind of issue should be on the release notes until the issue has been fixed.

There are also reports of Iris not working on the upcoming macOS update. And someone who I presume is a member of the TVAI team has claimed this is an issue introduced by changes made by Apple. Based on this information, it seems this is a known issue to the TVAI team and as such it should be listed as a known issue until it has been fixed. It doesn’t matter if Topaz Labs or Apple fixes the issue, the issue should be listed as an issue until it has been fixed.

In the beta’s there has been poor communication surrounding limitations of new models. For example, Iris in the beta’s started off only supporting 4x upscaling. This was communicated in the first release of Iris in the beta. Now there is a new model in development. It only has support for 1x enhancement at the moment. But this has not been communicated to people about this limitation. Surely Topaz Labs know it only has 1x enhancement, they develop the app and make the models after all, yet they haven’t communicated it to the end user.

There are major issues that aren’t included in the “known issues” list of public updates and betas that I personally feel like should be included there. And I would personally like to see Topaz Labs communicate these issues more clearly by including them in the “known issues” list.

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