Improve import, queue, functionality

Hi, the software gives great results, but the way to use it can be better.
For example:

  • Why should I first select I will import an image sequence or a video. It should detect it automatically. And you should be able to drag a folder that contains a sequence. And not only one but many at the same time.
  • You should be able to save a batch list for any future updates on that content or export other outputs later.
  • The output file name should be better. You should be able to add a suffix, for example “4K”.
  • The output filename of a sequence should add a “_” automatically at the end of the name and before the number of frame.
  • If I{m editing a file name in Export As I cannot cmd+V a name, I cannot use the arrows to edit it because it controls de timeline, even with the file window open.
    You should copy Adobe on all this.

Great ideas!

Many of these are suggestions other users have made on the Ideas section of the forum.

We ask that our users add feature requests and vote to choose what is in the next releases on our forum. This allows our development team to really see what the majority of our users want to see so that they can prioritize the next release based on user feedback.