Impressions - Save as Greyed Out

This is not currently possible in Impression. However, it is possible in Topaz Studio. I know that does not resolve the immediate issue of not being able to “Save As”, but we are looking to roll all of the positive changes we’ve made to our Studio software into our existing product lineup. This will happen as we update the plugin products :slight_smile:

Unfortunately though, the image created by Lightroom is retained as cataloged even if you cancel which may lead to lots of copies in your catalog unless you delete them after returning from Studio.

The only safe way to maintain the integrity of your catalog is to export and then work on that image if you want to save outside of the Lightroom environment.

Until Studio complies with the integrity of the cataloging system this is not a viable alternative as you are not cleaning up.

What about the other you leave behind if you cancel after save as?

Joe thanks for your response.

That’s good to hear - I’m assuming from your response that it is technicaly possible.

I’ll add my thoughts to the “Feature Requests” - will be a little while though as I’m way behind with preparations for an exhibition in September - and my son is getting married in August!!!

Happy days,

This is true for Impressions as well. Nothing I’m suggesting changes anything as far as Lightroom catalogue integrity goes. It knows about the one file that it has passed to Impressions - that’s all there is to it. Yes “SavedAs” files are completely unknown to Lightroom without user intervention, as is the case if “Save As” is used from Photoshop.

The only safe way to maintain the integrity of your catalog is to export and then work on that image if you want to save outside of the Lightroom environment.

No - the Lightroom catalogue is not compromised in the slightest. Exporting and working outside Lightroom is very messy.

Doing what I’m suggesting would allow you to make multiple “Save As” files back to the original folder, all using slight variations to the same settings. Returning to Lighroom, a quick “Synchronise Folder” and hey presto. Furthermore - if Impressions remains open it would be possible to return and make minor adjustments.

I believe it would be a huge improvement over the current workflow with Impressions.

Until Studio complies with the integrity of the cataloging system this is not a viable alternative as you are not cleaning up.

I don’t know about Studio, but Impressions doesn’t need to know anything about the Lightroom catalogue.

That has no bearing on the fact that a “Save As” has been done.

Indeed, providing Impressions remains open after the “Save As”, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make further changes and do a “Save” and return to Lightroom normally.

As far as Cancel goes, I guess it would work exactly as today which is far from optimal - but probably a Lightroom problem that Impressions developers can do nothing about.

Today, if you take a RAW file into Impressions from Lightroom a TIFF file is created by Lightroom. If Impressions Cancels without saving, then the TIFF file remains. Do this a few times and you do have the situation you described in your other post “lead to lots of copies in your catalog”.

I have no idea what the call/return mechanisms are between Lightroom and Impressions - this may not be fixable by changes to Topaz alone.

Interestingly, when going into Impressions from Photoshop, a TIFF file isn’t generated first - probably working on a Photoshop internal temporary image. Ahhh… That must be why Impressions appears to “use last settings” when called from Photoshop! TiL!:slight_smile:

Nothing to do with that, Photoshop has a F2 function that applies the last filter/last used settings.

Personally I would look to Smart Objects as it does everything you want and you pay for the service already.

Oh! How really interesting. So that must mean Impressions already has a facility to save/restore the last settings implemented.

I’m assuming you mean Ctrl + Alt + F (standard Pshop CC default) in case anyone else gets confused. Your F2 had me scratching my head for a few moments :slight_smile:

Re Smart Objects - I don’t understand quite how it helps? So what do I do?

Lightroom–>Open Pshop as Smart Object
Open Impressions in Pshop
Make changes in Impressions
Save back to Pshop
Close Pshop and save back to Lightroom

Now what?

Opening back up into Pshop as a Smart Object again? That doesn’t seem to help?

What am I missing?

Thanks very much for your help with all this. Most enlightening.


Your right … forgot the Ctrl+ F (not F2)

No need to open as a smart object again, simply choose open original in PS the next time you want to work on it and then double-click on the smart filter entry to open again and change.

Actually, as it is a smart object, lightroom should default to opening the original the next time you right-click and select open in Photoshop.

Ahhh… I see… Nice! :slight_smile:

So how does that work?

I guess the settings are passed to Photoshop from Impressions - yes?

So where are they saved? Googling didn’t help here…

I can’t find anything about Impressions in the .xmp file.

Are they perhaps stored somehow on a layer in the TIFF file?

Each Smart Filter entry retains it’s own settings so they can be passed to the plugin and re-edited. Other apps, for example Affinity Photo and live filters, implement in different ways.

“Each Smart Filter entry retains it’s own settings”

Hmm - not sure I understand that… Where does it retain them?

I obviously need to do some reading - any recommendations?

The settings are retained in the image files … PSD or TIFF

Just search Google, I wouldn’t get tied up with the implementation (how) just with what you can accomplish with them.

EDIT: I should say that “Smart Objects preserve an image’s source content with all its original characteristics, enabling you to perform nondestructive editing to the layer.” hence Smart Filters are applied to that layer and need to be non-destructive by remembering what they did.

Noooo nooo noo no… got to know how it works!!! :slight_smile:

Hmm - OK - Googling brought up all sorts of stuff - mainly about Pshop 4 and 5 and all sorts of conflicting messages …

I’ll dig again - bound to be there somewhere!.

Many thanks for your help.

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