Impression in Studio

(Flick) #1

(Don) #2

Beautiful …

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(Mond) #3

Lifts the heart on a day like today

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(Jan Štrobl) #4

Very nice.

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(BobKramer) #5

Very pretty on a cold winter day …

(Kenneth Kovach) #6

Wonderful work, made me very happy today

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(Peter) #7


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(TERRY) #8

Nice image Flick — I cannot get my head around impression in Studio

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(Flick) #9

Thanks very much for your kind comments, Don, Mond, Jan, Bob, Ken, Peter, and Terry. Terry, when Impression is opened as one of the Adjustments in Studio, you get the same menu as when you open Impression2 as an attachments, except that you also have the progress slider that allows you to save the image at something other than completion. I find that useful occasionally.

(@AiDon, @Mond, @tebel53, @BobKramer, @KenKv, @Laundromat, and @el48tel)

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(TERRY) #10

Flick - that’s as may be — but I don’t get the same vibes from it ----- but then that might just be me!

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