Impression in Studio missing new presets after studio update

Hi All,
I just updated Studio to v 1.4.2. Now the new presets that were part of the Impression update no longer appear. There were some awesome new presets, especially a new oil painting preset, which is now not available. The only presets now showing up are the ones that were in Imression 2. Anyone know how to get the new ones back? Thanks?

Hello Peter,

I saw this in Facebook thought it may help.


Thank you Sharon!!! You solved the problem. What Facebook page did you get that info from?

Best regards,
Peter Langer

Peter it is the Topaz Studio Facebook page

When you update Studio, there is a “Show details” button that describes the changes, updates, and bug fixes. This info was included in those details.

I mention this so that other folks - like me - that don’t have Facebook accounts know the info is available elsewhere.

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