Impression 2 vs Studio 2

Hi, I have used Impression v2 for a long time but I am confused and frustrated by its migration to Studio 2.

I enjoyed a large number of presets in Impression v2 - maybe 100 - but in Studio 2 I can only find 8 presets!

What am I doing wrong?



When I migrate all the original presets from Impression/Studio 1, I shall let you have access to my Google Drive where you can d/load them. Probably available after Christmas!

Hi Torcello, have you managed to import the impressionists presets from Impression 2 into Studio 2? Such a shame that they ignored this functionality.

This is my frustration, not only all the presets that came with Impression but a ton I created. There has got to be a way to import them… I just figured when I upgraded to Studio 2 from 1 that all the presets would come with it. As it stands studio 2… is now a far inferior product than what is “upgraded” from

One version of legacy Studio 2 I believe can still import Studio 1 presets altho which version escapes me!