Impression 2 .tpr files for TS 2

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the support advised me to search the forum for users sharing .tpr files from Impression 2. I couldn’t find any. Help please.

There’s this, but that appears to be about it.

It includes quite a few Impression looks that are not found in the default TS2. Some of the ones that are in TS2 look different than the ones with the same name from TS1 so keep them both. To use these just drop them in the Topaz “My Looks” folder found inside the default Win 10 “Documents” folder.

Thank you but I don’t have TS1, I only had Impression 2 and running on Mac

In addition to Studio 1 and Studio 2 I have maintained the stand-alone version of Impression 2 on my Mac. I have not used it for quite a while since both versions of Studio contain similar functionality. However, your question prompted me to open Impression 2 to see how external presets could be added. The preset area in Impression 2 allows you to browse all presets, either “local”, “community”, or “both”. If you highlight a community preset you can click on the down arrow to add it to your preset collection. However, I’m sure that you are already aware of this.
I am not aware of any means of adding a preset created by another user outside of this mechanism. The menu does not contain an import option, nor is there a dedicated folder that contains user-created presets. (To be precise, I was unable to find one, something that is easy enough to do for presets/looks in Studio 2 and Adjust A1.)
Finally, I am confused about Support’s advice concerning tpr files since these files seem to be exclusively associated with looks in Studio 2 and presets in Adjust A1.

Re: .tpr files I think they mean that some users had manually applied the Impression 2 settings into TS2 and then saved/exported … easy to find .tpr files. The big question is why we, the users who pay for these products should do this manually? An easy import/export function would make everyone happy.

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Thank you for clearing up my confusion. I should have paid closer attention to your original subject line. Impression 2 contains (according to my quick count) 7 categories of effects with approximately 178 effects in all. Studio 1 incorporated approximately 109 of these effects when it was released. As andymagee-52287 points out above I have posted a dropbox link elsewhere that provides access to all of the Studio 1 effects, including the 109 Impression effects. These are tpr files; simply copy them to your Studio 2 “My Looks” folder and they will appear as Looks in Studio 2. Here is the link:


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