Impression 2 highlights measurements - brush size problems

Impression 2 highlights the measurements so that when you use the brackets to change brush size, the specific measurements change up or down by 10. So if you had a paint volume or brush size of 0.62 for instance, it would change to 0.72 if you used the bracket to create a larger brush when masking. I didn’t notice this using Windows 7. I am now using Windows 10.

Brackets also not working at all in Studio Image Layers.

What I am trying to say here is that when masking, you cannot use the brackets to change brush size for masking because it changes the brush size measurement for Impression painting. I want to use the brackets to change my physical brush when masking within the same session of Impression 2 and cannot because the current settings of Impression 2 only allow for bracket changes in the current setting of the measurements of the specific selection at initial choice. This does not happen in Impression v1.

I want to be able to change my brush size whilst painting out the mask easily. Hence being able to use bracket choices [ or ] to quickly mask within the plugin. At present I cannot do that.

What I have discovered is I can click on another menu choice and the brackets will then work as they should. But it is very annoying to have to actually change a setting to be able to use the brackets. I feel it is more intuitive to work as other software does. If I want to change my brush size when masking or painting, I want to go up and down using bracket keys. I do not want to have to make sure something else is selected by default.

In the below example, using brackets would not adjust my brush that I am painting with. It would readjust my whole painting in Impression.

I would like to suggest that as in Impression V1, measurements are not highlighted - therefore editable. I want to be able to scroll through and change brush sizes without having to remember I haven’t clicked on that measurement to change it to…