Importing Looks

Seems that during an upgrade I’ve lost hundreds of custom Looks. Is there a way to import from my backups directly in to the My Looks directory where Topaz will read them

If your backups were made using backup software (as opposed to simply copying files to another drive), it is likely that the restore function in the software provides the option to selectively restore individual files or directories. If true, you should be able to navigate to the My Looks directory using your backup software and then choose to restore that directory to its original location. Please note that if you choose to restore the entire directory, it will over-write your existing My Looks directory, including any new custom looks that were not backuped up. Alternately, it may be possible to use file explorer to navigate directly to the My Looks directory on your backup drive, and then simply copy the contents (i.e. files with a t’r extension) of the My Looks directory to the original source directory. If these suggestions seem too vague, please provide more information about how your backups were made, i.e. the name of the backup software.