Import Adjust 5 presets to Adjust AI

Would like to import the Adjust 5 presets to Adjust AI. I have tried copying the files to the Adjust AI folder, but they do not appear in the drop-down menu.

Could you provide instructions.

Marilyn Cornwell

AI Adjust and TA5 are very different animals. There is no possibility of directly adding presets, although if you write down the settings of each preset, you may be able to recreate in Adjust AI.

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Marilyn, I love and heavily depend on Adjust 5’s presets. They are a part of my workflow for almost 100% of my images. Suddenly, with a forced upgrade to Big Sur I am without Adjust 5’s presets. Not just me but also my photo students. It’s part of the workflow of the Photoshop courses I teach.

Have you come up with a solution to having those presets available in the otherwise far cruder and less useful Adjust Ai?