Images to bright in Topaz Phot AI 1.3.11

The images are still too bright when processed with Topaz AI 1.3.11

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. In Lightroom, I choose the plugin option “Process with Topaz Photo AI”
  2. In Topaz Photo AI, the image is very bright
  3. I select “Save to Adobe Lightroom Classic Plug-In”
  4. In Adobe Lightroom, the image looks too bright.

When I process the Image with Topaz Sharpen AI, the Image looks good

AI in very light! See the images:

Processed with Topaz Sharpen AI:

Processed with Topaz Photo AI:

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.11 on [Windows]

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Hi @robderuiter, can you upload your original RAW file here for us to see? If you’re using the File > Plug-in Extras workflow that you mentioned, RAW edits that you’ve made in Lightroom will not be carried over to the new DNG file that will be processed by Topaz Photo AI. You’ll need to copy and paste any edits you’ve made from the original RAW to the DNG file :slight_smile:

This is the original RAW Image

2023-06-25_IMG_3316.CR3 (35.7 MB)

Thanks for sharing this image. It looks like we are not opening the Raw image properly and will need to update our exposure setting for this image.

For now, I would recommend using the Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photo AI method for the Canon R7 images to prevent the exposure from shifting.

I am having the same issues with all my my photos. I am opening them outside all Adobe software. I had no problems with the software before. I uninstalled Denoise and reinstalled it, but keep getting the same error. I tried again, but this time in Photo AI, and my result was better, but still about .50 exposure brighter. I have no problem in Gigapixel. I prefer Denoise, since I have more options.


The exposure shift is based on the camera body. Please upload 2 Raw files so I can reproduce the issue.

You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

Thanks Lingyu.

I took 2 quick photos in raw and emailed them to you.


I may have found the answer. Lately I have been editing old photos (almost 20 years ago) that I took in JPG format, due to all the new AI features.

For the images I took in JPG format I did the following:

  1. used the Topaz JPEG to RAW AI, which changes it to DNG format.
  2. Open the new DNG file in Topaz Denoise and export.
  3. Possibly open the new DNG in Photo AI or Photoshop and play it from there.

Lately however, my export image after Denoise and Photo AI have all been to bright. Is that because Topaz JPEG to RAW AI is somehow making a change in the metadata resulting in the problem?

I tried the 2 raw images I took and they did fine in Denoise after the export.


The JPG to RAW converted images may have incorrect metadata causing this issue. It would be best to convert to TIF (which is highest quality non-Raw file) for processing in Topaz Photo AI.

This issue is specific to the camera model, we need to fix exposure for this specific camera.

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