Image Rendered looks nothing like Thumbnail

Pretty frustrated. I bought a new computer to use this program to help my animation series. I love the effect I created in Topaz, but the rendered picture looks like a watered down version of the thumbnail and looks pretty awful. Wouldn’t be something I would use in my series. Am I rendering it wrong? Is it my GPU?(I’ve got a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660) Are there saving recommendations? Here are both the pictures side by side. This problem is killing my productivity/workflow. I’d like to make progress on my episode but can’t with this poor quality render.

Use the HD Preview button at the top of the screen and/or view it 100% to get an accurate preview of exactly how it will render.

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Yeah but if it doesn’t look much at all like the thumbnail, what’s the point of the program?

Ok… I understand what you’re saying. THanks for the response.

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