Image modification in an image sequence

Hi! I’m trying to export my video to image sequence to manually edit some frames with mspaint, and then re-import that image sequence to apply a template, the problem is that when I export to 16 bit tiff or png 16 bits, when I modify an image with mspaint, save and import this sequence with vai or vegas pro, it crashes at this modified image. it works fine when i export the sequence to 8 bit tiff, i save the edited image with mspaint, and the edited image shows up fine with vai or vegas pro. does anyone think it’s mspaint which is not powerful enough to record in 16 bits and therefore records in 8 bits which is an incompatibility? could it work with photoshop? :slight_smile:

It’s probably MSPaint. I saved a simple picture to tif in it and then looked at the properties. It said it was 32bit. I personally like to use IrfanView for pictures because it has a bunch of nifty filters—but it does not have the drawing tools like paint has. It it much more tunable with the saving settings though.

THANKS! I have already read somewhere the name irfanview, it must be not bad! I found a version of photoshop that I had, I could try, indeed it works with photoshop. so rectify an image, it’s fine, it’s done, I have a graphics tablet to be precise, the problem is to rectify several images that follow one another, you have to be careful not to touch the shadows too much, so you can compare well that the movements follow each other well between the images, otherwise it can cause shifts that can be seen after playing the video. but to correct edges, or large artefacts, it’s super practical :slight_smile: I think it can be a good way to correct an old video, the problem is that it’s super long… haha and on one low definition video, it is necessary to be quite precise in the correction.