Image from Topaz demo page bad quality? Sample inside

With which settings do I get the improved image from the image from the Topaz homepage after the slider application from the original page?
I have tested the current demo version and just can’t find a setting that creates such a perfect result as on the Topaz sample page.

i think you need the original image used for the example. If the example shown on the web site is noticeably smaller than the image they used it will look different.

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Hi, Imo is correct this isn’t the original image. The original image can be found within support page link at the bottom of any TopazLabs page

Here’s the path
Support > Topaz Labs Docs > TopazLabs Quick Start > User Guides > Upscale & Crop A Low Resolution Image > Sample Image

Here is also a direct link to the Image

Please try again

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Yes, thank you. With the original image the result will be much better. I had saved the image from the home page via screen copy. Who makes a “quick test” with it could get the idea that there is “trickery” and the image is specifically known internally in the database. Just like some graphics card manufacturers have already been caught with specially adapted drivers for benchmarks.
So that there is no misunderstanding: I already use another Topaz program (Video AI) and i am very happy with it!