I'm confused by TOPAZ documentation

I’m confused by the documentation. Hopefully someone can clarify. When I upload an image, AutoPilot automatically makes adjustment to the image. Your documentation says that “A green dot appears next to Remove Noise and the sliders when using autopilot settings.” So what does this green dot mean? Is it telling men I’m supposed to make further adjustments manually? Or is the green dot just telling me it used AutoPilot and I don’t need to do anything? If autopilot has made changes, it seems like there is nothing more to do except export my image. So to summarize: I upload the image, autopilot does its thing and I don’t need to do anything manually. The last step is to export or save the image. Please clarify so I understand better.


The green dot indicates that Autopilot was ran with that particular feature, you can always make further adjustments to the Autopilot suggested adjustments as well as your own further edits if you choose.

If you would like more help with your workflow please reach out to us on our support page using the following link:

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