If you don't have the latest version of PhotoShop


Thank you - that could be very useful.

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This is very interesting and one way of getting your image to use ACR. I have seen other methods that are similar.
For a few years I have been using a plugin “MetaRaw” from the “Plugin SIte” that is an ACR filter I use in CS6. I don’t need to create an action. I like Glyn Dewis’s channel but using a ready made plugin is much easier.

Here’s a link to the plugin if interested: https://thepluginsite.com/products/metaraw/index.htm

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I can’t remember CS5 but certainly you have been able to open RAW as a Smart Object since CS6 just by clicking on Open as Object. It has always been Shift to get the Open as Object and Alt to Open as Copy.

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That is a very nice info, you have touched upon most of the important points in detail.