If I take a video using go3 (rotated video) then enhanced video just rotated. (after update to 3.5x)

after I updated topaz ai to 3.5, if I enhance rotated video, then result video just rotated.

for example, if I upload video which is rotated, then it’s totally fine in first screen.

it’s rotated video so in edit video input, rotation is set to 90 deg.

but if I enhance video, then preview and result video is just rotated (not as same as first screen)

if I just set rotation to 0 in setting, then the video looks rotated in first screen but result is fine after enhancing.

plz fix this. it wasn’t until 3.4x version.

(I’m using go3)


Could we get one of these files uploaded for testing?

You can securely submit your file(s) to our Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.

Submit to Dropbox

I had something similar.

I believe my original file was shot on an iphone with the orientation locked and the camera upside down, comparatively.

In the OS the video was rotated 180 degrees to correct for the upside down camera.

When I loaded the file into Topaz Video AI v3.5.1, the source window is oriented corrected, but the preview image is upside down.

The resulting processed file is also upside down. This is easily fixed in the OS, but it would be nice if Topaz would maintain the orientation correction.

I uploaded a screenshot that demonstrates the issue to the dropbox link.

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