If I sync in Lightroom does the sync include the Topax Photo AI modifications

I am on Windows Pro 10 using Topaz Photo AI 5.2. I need to do a new post procesing in Light room that I originally did where I did an early version of Topaz Photo AI after my Lightroom edits were finished.

I need to re-post process this entire series (more that 60 images) using the latest version of Topaz Photo AI on my original RAW images first. I would like to then sync my previous Lightroom edits on the new set after I ran them through Photo AI.

Will Sync attempt to include my previous Topaz modifications? Hopefully not. The lightroom modifications are all correct. The Topaz Photo AI at the end was not good.

I look forward to your reply.

Jim Palik


@james-5573 The sync will only be for the exact files that you have selected. It will not update other files with different names if that’s what you’re asking.