Ideas for Video AI

I am still learning about this program. My system specs are

64GB 3600
Raid 0 sn850’s

With this, I am curious why things take so long. I have noticed that CPU usage is only at 50%. I read that CPU processing still renders better results with Video AI. I would like to have the ability to use more cores on CPUs. Being able to max out GPU and CPU should be an option, especially if water-cooled. I am running a task to have 4k30 clips output at 4k60fps… One clip is taking 45 mins and there are still 20 clips to go.

I would like to see more editing features in this program like sky replacement and auto masking.

I’m pretty sure the results are the same, no matter if done with a CPU or GPU. The only case I can think of that that is not true, is hardware encoding a video to h264 or h265. That’s not the same thing as what VEAI is doing, though in the future, that could be an option for the final output.
For the time being, GPUs are more well equipped to do the processing in VEAI. To my knowledge, a five year old GTX 1060 can process a movie days faster than the Ryzen 5950X.

Have you tried open multiple instances and process multiple clips parallelly ? :thinking:

I mean ya, I could but still? I would like to have all resources used if I want to?