Ideas for 2.0

This more general feedback and Feature reuests.

Thanks for adding the Lighting and WB!
I think we needed it!

I also like the new options area – even though it is very “busy”.

RE: Lighting Adj.
I think the default lighting adjust is simply too heavy I and up using 10-15 and like it much more under most of my shots i have looked at from nighttime fireworks to garden daytime photos!

I don’t even mind it is not an IA function as long as I can set a value to it as a default value of my choice in my options and then it will behave closer to my expectations.

For Color Balance aka WB
IS the WB done by an AI tool or a simpler algorithm?
Also, why is WB done AFTER de-noise?- it seems to be that way in the preview at least.

How does opacity work here?

You wanted feedback on the V2 Noise + Sharpen V2 modes
It’s hard to do and cannot really be done in your own software at this point.

So this leads to a more general suggestion- can we get a Multi-processing modes preview options (even if just 2-3 settings to compare at a time (4 not needed in most cases) like the other (stand alone de-noise and sharpen AI apps) added to Photo AI?
That would help now and in many cases where its hard to know the best processing!
I am rarely happy with default autopilot.

Can yo describe the std vs. V2 in your implementation.

Multiple Image processing output options
I have 2 main issues with the multiple image processing now.

I can apply a setting ONLY to ALL Images (at least let me copy and paste one setting at a time OR apply to ONLY selected images and then apply different settings to others too before processing the entire set.

Also naming output based on processing IS NOT specific enough I want to see the settings in some shorthand like DN-v2_43-1_SH std_ 23_3 etc.
Or have an option for advanced naming perhaps?

Then also I want a way to save or recall the setting on an output image (import setting from file) (from some metadata or a separate xml to copy then for reuse too!

So far for me no serious bugs.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Thanks for this comprehensive breakdown. To address your points

I. Glad you like it!

II. We’re trying out new designs to declutter it.

III. The beta model is still training and hopefully in future releases it’ll produce something closer to what you envision.

IV. It’s an AI tool that adjusts the individual pixels rather than the entire image at once. Opacityis the interpolation between the original image and the model output. So 100 gives model’s output; 1 gives the original image, and 50 gives the mean of the model output and the original image.

V. We’re working on this. It’s tricky to get this right given various limitations but we’re discussing a few options. Here’s an article on the Sharpen models:

VI. You can now set the Autopilot preferences to different default settings. We’re releasing the functionality to select different images in a batch to apply certain settings to.

VII. No automatic setting at the moment, but I’ll bring this up at our next planning meeting. This may be rolled out with the functionality you described in VIII.

I’m glad there are no serious bugs! Thanks for the encouragement.