Idea: Automatically Zoom on Faces or Subject Mask When Opening Photos in Topaz Photos AI

When opening photos in Topaz Photos AI, it seems that the zoom is automatically set to 100%, and if the entire photo isn’t visible, the Preview pans to the lower righthand corner (or perhaps it’s random, I can’t tell), regardless of the subject (see screenshot). I have several suggestions regarding what area of photos are zoomed in on when first opening them that would streamline my workflow.

First, I would prefer that photos be opened and zoomed “to fit” rather than 100%, so I can see the whole photo in the main Preview and determine what I need to work on.

But if that isn’t feasible, then I would rather the photo be zoomed to a face or group of faces, if there are any, or the largest subject mask area, instead of the lower righthand corner or a random part of the photo. Topaz Photo AI usually does a fairly good job of selecting the subject and at least some faces (see screenshots).

Lastly, rather than imposing on users how photos are zoomed when they’re opened, it would be best to give them the choice in the app Preferences (100%, Fit, on face, on subject mask, etc.).

Zoom to Fit showing faces