I'd like to see some work done on Studio 2

Maybe we could even see a Studio 3. I see a LOT of potential there that isn’t being realized. I think Topaz is overlooking some income from ignoring it. It ALMOST meets my needs, but there are enough problems that prevent me from using it regularly.

  • Healing brush is kind of slow. Everything is a little on the slow side.
  • It needs a front end viewer organizer. it doesn’t need to be as powerful as Lightroom or ACDSee. But SOMETHING, It’s a bit of a PITA to use standalone. Relying on Windows File Explorer just doesn’t cut it. And using a 3rd party front end like ACDSee or FastStone is awkward. Maybe this needs to be an “add on” feature for extra $$?
  • There are odd glitches like unwanted cropping. And sometimes, it fails to launch DeNoise or Sharpen AI, when you have a 3rd party front end active.
  • Maybe a better and smoother ‘round trip’ experience from a hosting front end product?

I’ve been trying to use it as an external editor with the new OM Workspace, and with ACDSee Pro, using them to develop the raw and using Studio 2 as the bit mapped editor to finish the photos in, and it’s just plain awkward to use and not always reliable.