IA ReMix alignment issue (1.8.2.PR)

There seems to still be an alignment issue.
Here is a before and after (the after is at 25% so that the alignment issue can be seen. Look at the chain around the neck).

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What are the settings you’re using?

I like the 2nd one but…more color in the face,

IA ReMix (any style, but I used 2,4 (Column 2, Row 4) the three ladies). With 25% Opacity and Strength Style Medium.
The key is Strength Style Medium. Low and High seem to not have this issue.

Thanks for this information! I’ll try to recreate and add it to our list.

Joe I have also found the same misalignment issue?
It applies to all AI styles, but found it to make alignment issues with all strength settings(Low,Medium,High)?
I find it an issue when you raised the opacity of the style you used_ at lower opacities it doesn’t create this.
Seems to be when you use any of the lighting blend modes… not sure if it’s all blend modes?

When you go over 20-25-30% in opacity is when I see it_ the higher opacity setting pulls the effect_down and to the right?

Here are 2 screen shots where you will see it happening. It happens everywhere on the image but can see it best by looking at the type in the image, tree branches and the car wheels. If you need more info let me know.

The first image is at 26% opacity_ which is decent.

The second image is at 56% opacity_ not good, and it gets worse as you increase the opacity.

After installing 1.8.3, the issue is still there; however, it now only appears in the LOW Strength Style. Medium is not having the issue any more. Very strange.

A fix for this will come in a later update to refine AI ReMix.

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