i9-13900KF With a 4090 on Topaz 3.2.2

This software keeps getting better with every update. I am upscaling a 1080p HQ video to 4K and I am taking a 4K and converting it to a 4K AV1 version at the same time and I am getting extremely high FPS. I am impressed coming form a 3090, the 4090 and i9-1300KF works extremely well with Topaz Labs AI 3.2.2!!

Screenshot 2023-04-21 065458

Thank you for sharing. :grinning:
Would you mind run the benchmark by clicking (Process > Benchmark, or, Ctrl/Cmd + B) ?

After that please post the result in here

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I’m jealous!! I’ve spent my summers since 2020 upscaling music videos and my portable SSD with all that work was stolen!! I have to restart and now I want a fast computer to re-upscale again.