I work in the kitchen - do you know me?

Capture One Pro, TS AI Clear, some basic adjustement


French Fry cutter?

Is the first image related to the second image?

Sorry Wayne, but no. These are macro shots i.e. it seems much bigger than it is…

Yes Raquel, these are two different parts of the same thing

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Peter I think you came up with a fantastic game using Gigapixel.
Meat tenderizer?
Now are we gong to get any hints to what it is?

Garlic press?


Rob, you have 10 out of 10! Yes, it is a garlic press. Very useful in the kitchen. You turn the top part and a ‘stamp’ is pressing the garlic through the grid to tiny garlic cubes.
@Ricci , @Michigander thanks for guessing Raquel and Wayne!


Sorry but I do not use Gigapixel…

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