I truly hate using Topas PhotoAI software that I bought

because 8 out of 10 times the login process is infinitely annoying…
I click on the software icon, it launches, asks me to authenticate, I click the button, go to the site, the site OKs me and tells me it is safe to close the tab, and I go back to the software, it asks to authenticate again and round and round we go with a yellow sign “We need to refresh your credentials” and so it goes about 5 times until I abandon the effort and spit in your direction… (that indeed helped one time)

Any way we could make the darn thing work?

larisa, that does sound frustrating and like a PITA.

Have you opened a support ticket for assistance yet? The community forums are prominently for the owners of the software to work together. While the Topaz support group attempts to assist people here I believe their main focus is assisting people through support.

You can get assistance by emailing them directly at support@topazlabs.com or on the support page. Click the blue link in the lower right hand corner.

I’ve contacted the support team with a challenge and the communication was great and the issue resolved. Support works Monday - Friday I believe.

Hope this helps.

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Great, thank you

Sorry everybody, I have updated the software and that seemed to have solved the problem

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You are using 2 user names at the same IP address, please delete one of them otherwise the system will stop both and block that IP address.

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