I so regret upgrading, the new interface is awful!

Why the new interface? It’s absolutely terrible and just gets in it’s own way with a way slower work flow and less intuitive interface. Incredibly dissapointing…


We have updated our Topaz Labs Documentation page with some helpful information to help users familiarize themselves with the new workflow that I will link below.

Topaz Photo AI | Quick Start | App Basics

Topaz Photo AI | Workflow Tutorials

If you would like to revert to any previous Topaz Photo AI version, you can find a list of previous installers at the following link:

Topaz Labs | Community Forums | Topaz Photo AI | Releases

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I absolutely agree. If they do not go back to the previous interface, I will cut way back on using it and recommending it to other people.


The new interface is terrible. Confusing and hard to figure out. The old interface was easy and fun to use. Not so now.


agreed, I’m having issues improving a picture at this point, were before even a bad picture got fixed up.

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