I need some help and opinions

This image started life as a PNG from a Topaz ReMask image before going through several metamorphoses and combinations of layers and even combinations of the metamorphoses and combinations of layers.
I like all of the variations on the theme but I’d like…

Comments and even preferences please


Have to go with No. 3. The bluish contrast seems to bring out more detail.

I like image 2 of 9 (the red one that is shown as the 4th image down). The color adds more definition to the sculpture.

I prefer the 5th one … the darker blue and pink hues I find more appealing and seem to create a simpler, less busy image (at least to my eye)

I prefer the 4th one…

Very interesting processing…i like #3

What are you looking for, please Terry. I find I cannot comment if I don’t know that. However the colours are all out of gamut I suspect if your intention was to print. If not, I prefer the Green.

Boy, you make it tough, Terry. I agree with Seabreeze in wanting some details about what you want besides “which one do you like best?”. Composition, technique…

As for which one I prefer, I guess I would have to say 4, 8 or 9, but I’m not sure why.

Very nice work!

Using your numbering system, (not the order they are shown) the solid colors of 2 and 7 work well.

I like the complement ary colors of 4, 6 and 8.

But there are so many color schemes you could make, and a decision of what would be best might depend on what you are going to do with the image and what its surroundings are…


When I started the project I thought I knew what I had as a target - but little did I appreciate the number of outcomes as the project veered off-piste and I discovered that blending modes and image intermediates could produce an almost infinite number. I thought the variety of images made by the wet chemical process was large and bounded only by my lack of patience - I needed to re-think.
I found my own choice quite early on but then the delectable images just rolled before my eyes. At this point I thought I’d share and … ask for opinions ----- I need to re-think that strategy!
Your choices are interesting and no doubt would make a fascinating philosophical and psychological treatise

A treatise on our opinions?

What was your choice, Terry?

PhD thesis!!!
Number 2 – the predominantly red one as this was close to my objective

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Which was?

To get glowing stuff happening?

Sounds like you have a retirement project. I can’t wait to hear what your
psychological analysis of my choices reveals, beyond confusion…


You will have to wait a long long time. I don’t do probing the bowels of brains

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Nah. Just a pretty colour