I like version 1.3.8 better than 2.0.2

1.3.8 is faster than 2.0.2 and nails noise reduction in Auto Pilot better.

@scott.fuller-8887 Can you upload your system profile here so I can check everything is up to date? System Requirements | Topaz Photo AI

I’ll tell you what I did. (I would be unlikely to do it again). I like 1.3.8 better than 2.0.2. Here’s why. 2.0.2 takes a little longer to load the image. It misses the ideal noise reduction in Auto Pilot. (1.3.8 nails it). When 2.0.2 saves the DNG file, it shows up as a DNG icon with the filename but no representative image.

1.3.8 does all three of those better. So, on my windows machine I ran System Restore, taking the system back a week in time. It was traumatic for the computer; it’s still recovering. Out of the Phoenix ashes, AI 1.3.8 re-emerged.

I have (or had) the latest updated Windows 10 Home 64-bit. I imagine a new update will be coming and hopefully things will smooth out. 1.3.8 is working fine. I still think it works like magic. Of course, the only thing I don’t like is that it treats me like a thief on a monthly basis, requiring authentication to continue working.

Scott Fuller


If you prefer a previous version, you can find it and download it from here instead of going back in time: Releases - Topaz Community

I wish In had known. I thought the support for 1.3.8 might be gone or changed. I got it back yesterday by restoring the Registry to a previous version.




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