I just ran a previous 3.1.0 pass through 3.1.1

WOW! Holy cow!

Been playing with mp4 and mov. Mov wins. 422LT, hands down.

720x480 59.97 fps interlaced to
2880x1920 60 fps interlaced

Settings: Stabilization 60 full-frame
Themis motion deblur
Interpolation Chronos Fast
AI model Dione DV 2x
No grain or noise
Pro Res 442 LT Mov

I crop out HD 16:9, clip and color correct in Resolve.
This makes it even better.

Holy cow!!! I can’t believe how good this looks!
I’m amazed. – and just getting started…

Note: I compared the 3.1.0 pass to a pass of the same VOB file with 3.1.1.
This is one step in the conversion from SD to HD.
This isn’t just a little better. It rocks!

AMD Ryzen 5900 12-core / RTX 3090 / 6T M.2

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Hi all, I downloaded the Topaz Video 3.1.1 update, it works well even if for the moment I still prefer Chrono, only with the Apollo model I encountered false values ​​in the Task Manager, the program box indicated values ​​of 0.1- 0.3 of CPU and 1.4 of GPU, while on the total pane of the Task Manager the values ​​were 41 of CPU and 31 of Cpu, while with Chrono the problem is not there I would like to know if you too have encountered this problem, thank you very much to all and I await your answers and those of the developers.